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    Recently there was an article published on well-known liberal news site. It was a submitted article by a very popular hollywood actress. As I began reading through the piece I felt myself becoming irritated and wanting to retaliate back to this woman. One thing I despise from the feminist movement is the idea that we […]

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    Come with me if you will on a journey… Let me take you back to a moment in time. The moment when two became one. When you made a conscious decision to have your life reflect the relationship between Christ and His church. Bliss. Every day filled with joy. Butterflies permeating your being as your […]

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    july 7 post

      2am. Baby is screaming to be fed. 5:45am 2 year old is up and wandering the house. 6am Husband’s alarm goes off to start getting ready for work. 6:30am ALL 6 children are awake and asking for food. “just breathe. just breathe.” 7:15am Kids are fed. Husband is gone. The house is destroyed. The […]

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    Little girl covering ears while mother scolding her in bedroom

    Let me preface by saying that I AM 100% GUILTY of coming up with ways to justify my mommy anger. There have been times where I have used just about every excuse in the book! I think I’ve even wrote a post on here in the past about ways you can productively deal with it. […]

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  • Too Many Choices

      These days we have so many options before us in every realm of life. It’s no longer things like “organic” or “non-organic”. Now it’s having to which organic company who is compromising the least when it comes to producing their products. How about homeschooling? There are a variety of camps, so much so, when […]