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America Flag Crochet Blanket with FREE Pattern!

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Crochet American Flag Blanket with Free Pattern!!!


I was contacted by a customer to create an American Flag blanket. I looked on pinterest for inspiration and ideas.

I finally decided I was going to design my own pattern and I have to say I absolutely LOVE the results! There are some pretty fantastic patterns out there so definitely browse around for different ideas.

I wanted to keep the pattern simple because I know for many, the tediousness of a pattern hinders them from starting a project. Honestly, the most “difficult” part of this pattern is the time it takes to attach the stars. But the stars themselves make up in less than 2 minutes each!

This blanket took me appr. 10 hrs to make. I completed it over the course of 2 days. The customer who put in the order wanted it to lay a certain way as well as cover their body completely. I designed it so as to be big enough to throw over a sofa and cover an average size adult.


Crochet American Flag Blanket with Free Pattern!!!


I used about 5 skeins of yarn 2 Red, 2 Cream and 1 Blue. I was left over with at least 1/4 of a skein from each color. So While the blanket IS large it doesn’t consume a ton of product! Not like the giant Peppermint Swirl Blanket I made!

Here is what I used:

  • Hook size K-6.5oMM
  • 5 skeins of yarn
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Glue Gun

The pattern is basically the same as my Chunky Crochet Shrug I made as well as my Chunky Crochet Baby Blanket however the chain stitches and rows are different as well as  having to  change colors and the stars.


Starting with red  CH 173

R1 – DC in the BACK LOOP of the 3rd CH from the hook. Do this all the way across, CH 2 and Turn

R2 – DC in the BACK LOOP all the way across, CH 2 and Turn

Each color will have a total of 6 rows. At the end of the 6th row is when you will change colors. So to know if you’re doing it right all of your tails will be along the same side.

You will continue this pattern for a total of 42 rows

R43 –  On this row we will bring in the blue yarn for the star area of the flag. Starting row 43 with the cream or white yarn you will DC in the BACK LOOPS for 88 ST, then you will bring in the BLUE yarn (dropping the cream or white yarn) and continuing in the BACK LOOPS with a DC for the remaining 85 stitches, CH 2, Turn.

***It’s important to realize you are NOT carrying along the yarn when you go from the stripe to the solid blue area. You are simply DROPPING the working color and picking up the new working color strand.

You don’t want to be adding in a new piece every time you go from a stripe to the blue because this will weaken this area of the blanket. Picking up and dropping the yarn was the easiest and strongest way I felt I could add on the blue area. As well as keeping the blanket looking fluid in the stitch design.

You will continue with a repeat of R43 all the way up until you have a total of 60 rows from the bottom to the top.

Now if you wanted your blue area to contain more stars or even 50 stars like the REAL flag you would need to increase this area for another 12 rows giving you a total of 72 rows.

I didn’t think the area needed to be any bigger but use creative freedom and make this area look exactly how you want it to look!


Crochet American Flag Blanket with Free Pattern!!!


Crochet American Flag Blanket with Free Pattern!!!


the STAR Pattern:

***Use Same Hook as the Blanket

Using the Magic Circle Method DC 15 inside the circle, SL ST to first DC then CH 5

Working back down the CH 5 you will SL ST in 2nd CH from hook, SC in next CH, HDC in next CH, DC in next CH, skip next 2 DC, SL ST in next DC ST. ***this will be one of five points on the star***repeat this pattern beginning each time at the CH 5 point.

After the last SL St into the DC ST you will tie off the yarn.

Make as many stars as you would like!


Crochet American Flag Blanket with Free Pattern!!!


Attaching the Stars:

Lay out your stars however you would like. Then using the long tail from your magic circle and a tapestry needle, begin sewing them into place. Be sure to sew in a circle and weave in your ends so your stars are nice and secure.

Taking a hot glue gun proceed to glue down each star point going from the tip of the star down to the center area. This will help to lay the stars flat as well as keeping them looking uniform.

If you don’t want to hot glue them you can easily sew the points down just like you did the center area. I DO NOT recommend only glueing the stars. I think they would eventually come off. It would be best to at least sew the center down!


Crochet American Flag Blanket with Free Pattern!!!


I really love how this turned out and I think you will enjoy making it too!

If you don’t know how to crochet but would love to own one of these beauties you can purchase one from my Etsy Shop Here!

If you do make a flag blanket using my pattern I simply ask you give credit to this post. You can sell any products you make using my pattern too!

I would love to see your creations so please share your photos here in the comments or you can tag me on INSTAGRAM

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51 thoughts on “America Flag Crochet Blanket with FREE Pattern!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!!!

      For the flag blanket, I actually used the red heart yarn from the LOVE collection. It’s a bit softer than their super saver yarns.

  1. Beautiful blanket. Plan on making one of these. I was curios as to the approximate finished size? Thank you

    1. I don’t have the exact dimensions because I made the pattern from a customer request on Etsy. But, it was meant to be laid over the back of a regular sized sofa. So I would say it was about the size of a regular throw.

      Thanks! I hope you enjoy making it!

  2. Did you know that your stars are not all facing in the right direction? The stars should have two of it’s points facing down. Check out a regular flag. I do love your flag, I just made one with granny squares. When I started putting my stars on my husband said they were placed wrong. I was just placing them evenly on he blue field. So I got out one of our flags and sure enough they were wrong.

    1. Wow, I had never really even thought about the star placement! Thank you so much for pointing this out! I would never want to offend anyone by coming across as disrespectful in regards to our countries flag. Thank you again!

  3. Thank you for the free crochet flag pattern, it is really quite nice. I am planning on making one as a gift. Can you please tell me the weight size of the Red heart yarn you used?

  4. Good evening! I want to make this for my elderly father to take to him on July 4th. Could you please tell me what method you used for changing from red to white colored yarns? Thank you in advance,
    Alison from Colorado

  5. BEAUTIFUL! Would you happen to have a pattern for knitters? I’d LOVE to try my hand at making one! Thanks

  6. I am crocheting a flag composed of 3.5″ granny squares, only to realize that the pattern’s starfield had a red stripe under it, which NO American flag has, so felt I had to try to make the correction. This meant making the starfield taller by the size of one stripe, which really affected the proportions to the flag’s overall plan, so I had to take a look at that. Our flag’s proportions should be 1:1.9, according to U.S. (Flag) Code
    So, I ended up laying it all out in pencil on 1/4″ graph paper and making it as proportional as I possibly could. It’s measurements are roughly 42X80 inches.
    Now, it’s to the point of weaving in all those tails, stitching on the 50 stars, and stitching the remaining three blocks of stripes together.
    It’s been a long, and tedious work of the heart, as I will be donating it to a patriotic group that will sell it at an auction next Feb. or March.
    I will be making another one to donate to another group for a raffle, again granny squares, that will have 1/2″ smaller squares, now that I’ve got it all figured out!
    Your flag is lovely…

  7. So are you double crocheting in the back loop of the original chain?’ I’ve never done that in the ‘chain’ so was curious… my 7 year old grandson wants me to make him a flag afghan..and thisnone stood out to me!. He has many quilts from me and well what’s one more project for my one grandchild!;)

  8. Thank you for the free pattern. I did have one question though. I am working the stripes right now but noticed you started to add the blue into a white row but if you look at the actual American flag ?? the blue is added to a RED stripe not white. There are always 13 stripes on the flag to represent the 13 colonies. So it would be three stripes of white and on your fourth red the blue should be added right??? Maybe I’m reading the pattern wrong…. Could you help clarify? Thank you again. I’m really enjoying this blanket and can’t wait to see the finished project!

  9. For some reason when I’m double crocheting in the back loop of the first chain on every 3rd loop it’s creating a big hole instead of being all together. Am I supposed to only do the 3rd chain first and every loop after that?

    1. Yes, you are only supposed to crochet in the 3rd loop the first time around. I’m sorry for not being very clear on that this. You shouldn’t have a hole any more!

  10. Is it possible to make a short utube or video of this pattern. U have one “how to” to make the stars which is so helpful. I’m a beginner, but sounds some what simple to do when getting started. How do I keep track of so many stitches across? This flag is so beautiful. Thank u for gifting your pattern. I would love to donate as many as I can to our countrysmen.

    1. I like to keep a pen and paper handy when working a large project such as this! I usually write out the required stitch numbers for a pattern and as I finish them I simply circle the number. This helps a ton!
      So glad you love it and I know this would be a wonderful donation to our troops!

  11. I’ve posted on fb and also tagged you in pics on instagram and Pinterest with link. Having trouble doing applique as I am left handed. Received a lot of negative feedback because of how many stripes and how they’re not politically correct. Feeling pretty discouraged. Had fun doing it tho.

    1. Oh, I am so sorry you’ve gotten flack for the project. 🙁
      I will have to look and see those tags. I would love to see your work!! I am so glad you enjoyed it though!

  12. love the pattern thanks so much but I do have a question. I was working on something similar and ended up with not enough yarn could you please tell me what size jeans you used?

  13. If you are dropping the red or white yarn how do you connect the stripes to the blue portion? I’m confused. Do you sew the 2 portions together? I’m probably not reading the pattern correctly. Please help?

    1. The dropping of the yarn is similar to how would drop the yarn in tapestry crochet. I am planning to revamp this post as this was one of my very first crochet designs. I do have a tapestry crochet video on my YouTube channel. This might help you better understand.

  14. Just a heads up. Stipe placement should be 6 stripes below the beginning of the blue portion. Red white red white red white. White stripe attaches to the bottom of the blue then seven stripes to the side of the blue. Starts with red ends with red.

  15. Thank you for your pattern. I am planning on making This for my grandson. He requested the flag for his bed. We are going to buy yarn tomorrow. I am just finishing a blanket of 173 stitches for my younger grandson, and I think it will be perfect.

  16. I have made the blanket for my son, and he loves it. I changed one white row To blue for a stripe. I’m however having trouble placing the stars. Would you have any suggestions ? Sue from Missouri.

  17. I really love your American Flag Blanket throw and would love to make it for my brother in law. Could u please tell me the US size of the crochet hook you used? I don’t understand what Hook size K-6.5oMM is.
    Thank you so much

  18. Love this pattern! Very easy to follow and turned out beautifully. I made one for my father in law, who is a retired Air Force colonel, and I can’t wait to present it to him. My husband and I liked it so much, that now I’m working on a second one to keep. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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