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Chunky Crochet Bolero Jacket for Kids Ages 3-5 with FREE pattern link!

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Chunky Crochet Bolero for Girls with FREE Pattern!!!


We have a Christmas Banquet coming up this next week and I am making my girl’s outfits. I picked up a fun and flowy deep blue fabric which I will be making their dresses with but I knew I wanted to create some sort of jacket for them to wear over the dress.

A few weeks ago I shared with the you the chunky crochet shrug pattern I had made for myself to attend a wedding.


I wanted to mimic that pattern but not duplicate it completely.

The daughter pictured is about to turn 4 and she’s as rambunctious as they come! I knew if I made something that was hanging down like the shrug I had made for myself she would be uncomfortable and not want to do anything but play with the jacket.

So I opted for more of a bolero style shrug yet maintained the chunkyness I had in the shrug I made for myself.

This is a SUPER easy pattern and you can make this in less than 3 hours! It’s also a perfect 1 skein project as well. At least if you’re making it in a 2t-5t size. Any bigger and you’d need to pull from another skein to finish things.

Chunky Crochet Bolero for Girls with FREE Pattern!!!

When I had her try it on over this long sleeved top I was pleased with the fit. Not too tight or too loose just the perfect fit!

If you’re wondering the yarn I used for this project it is a line carried at Walmart that has a shimmery strip woven into the fibers. I had already moved the jacket since I pulled this skein from my stash and I can’t remember the exact brand name but if you go there you’ll spot it.

They also have a fuschia color, white and grey. I used the grey skein for the project I did for my daughter’s birthday last month.

Chunky Crochet Bolero for Girls with FREE Pattern!!!

It has just the perfect amount of slouchyness but not too much so you can easily add it to a dressier item. Which is what I’m planning to do!

I really love how the pattern came together and everything turned out great!

Chunky Crochet Bolero for Girls with FREE Pattern!!!

As you can see from the photos it comes down nicely over the elbows and even offers a slight collar. You could easily throw on a few more rows if you really wanted to have an accentuated collar but I was pleased with the one it naturally has from the pattern I wrote.

I am considering adding more rows to the boleros I will be making for my bigger girls and I will be sure to post those photos to my Instagram. Be sure you’re following me there so you don’t miss out on new post updates and other projects I am working on!


  • 1 yarn skein for this size bolero
  • size H 5.00mm hook
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors



Start by CH 93 (if you are making this for a bigger girl I would measure her arm width from elbow to elbow.

R1 – DC in 3rd Ch from the hook. Continue along with DCs in every stitch ’till the end; CH 2; Turn

R2 – DC in the back loop of the next ST to the CH 2 (DO NOT DC in the CH 2 ST); continue with DCs in the back loop of every ST all the way to the end; CH 2; Turn

R3 – 20 repeat R2 for all the remaining rows; tie off


Now you will lay your piece flat with the rows running horizontally. You will fold your piece over from top to bottom. Then starting on one side you will begin to SL ST 25 stitches to create an “arm”. Once you finish the 25th ST, leave a long tail and then tie off and weave that side in.

Repeat this same thing on the other side for the other “arm” flip your work right side out and then you’re done!


Chunky Crochet Bolero for Girls with FREE Pattern!!!


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