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Chunky Crochet Boot Cuffs with FREE Pattern Link!

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Chunky Crochet Boot Cuffs with Free Pattern!


I love fall as I have said MANY times throughout my blog. One article of fashion I love are BOOTS!!!

You can’t wear a pair of boots without a fabulous pair of boot cuffs can you????

Well, I suppose you could but who wants to do that? Not me! I think they can dress up even the simplest of outfits plus they do act as a warmer for your legs on those brisk autumn/winter days.

I have tried out and looked through a ton of different boot cuff patterns. When I started brainstorming this pattern design I knew I wanted to use a chunky yarn! I had some of lion brand yarn on hand in the color Aspen Tweed. It has the perfect mix of creamy neutrals with sprinkles of earth tones mixed in.

It is also a super bulky yarn with lots of “give” in the fibers. I’m currently 6.5mos pregnant right now so my calves are growing a little bit…hehehe…therefore I knew this yarn would be perfect for this project!


Chunky Crochet Boot Cuffs with Free Pattern!



  • 8.00 MM Hook
  • 2 skeins of super bulky yarn (6)
  • scissors
  • tapestry needle

Let me make a note here:

Being pregnant I’m naturally a little bigger in the leg area. So my beginning CH STS might be a little too big for you. I would recommend trying out between 27-36 initial CHs. Just keep in mind you’re working in multiples of 3 so you want to factor that in when you’re deciding how many CHs you need to start off with.


CH 27-36 (depending on your calf size and how snug you want these cuffs) SL ST together to make a loop; CH 1

Rnd 1 – SC all the way around; SL ST to Ch 1

Rnd 2 – CH 3, DC in next ST, continue around with DC, SL ST to top of CH 3

Rnd 3 – CH 2, *DC in FRONT POST of next 3 STS, SC in next 3 STS, (* repeat all the way around), SL ST to CH 2

Rnd 4-9 – Repeat of Rnd 3

Rnd 10 – SL ST all the way around, tie off, weave in ends.


Chunky Crochet Boot Cuffs with Free Pattern!


Because of the thickness of this yarn I didn’t want them to be really long. I instead designed them to peek out of the top of your boots. I felt like if they were longer they would make your legs sweat when indoors, but you can totally increase the length by repeating the Rnd 3 until they are as long as you want them!

These will make great gifts and you can whip them up in 45 minutes or less! They also have a knitted look about them which I love but they’re crochet! Win win right??

If you do make some of these yourself please give credit back to this post or tag me in Instagram! I would LOVE to see your creations and what yarns you choose to make these with.


Chunky Crochet Boot Cuffs with Free Pattern!


Chunky Crochet Boot Cuffs with Free Pattern!


Chunky Crochet Boot Cuffs with Free Pattern!


You are also free to sell any products you make from this pattern as long as you link back to this pattern post. We gotta support one another as makers right?

If you have any questions regarding the pattern please let me know! I will do my best to help walk you through the steps and if I missed something on the pattern or worded something in a confusing way I would LOVE to have your feedback!

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Chunky Crochet Boot Cuffs with Free Pattern!


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