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If I could make it fall and Christmas time all year round I totally would!

There’s something about the fashions that we tend to wear, colors and weather that make life seem a little easier at times.

Another reason I love this time of year is because of the inspiration I gather to make and design different pieces. As I have been scrolling pinterest I have come across some beautiful cowl designs.

Since I’m still very new to pattern writing I wanted to create something simple but bold visually through the stitch I chose.

For this cowl I used a chunky size 6 worsted yarn. The color is absolutely gorgeous and easy to pair with just about any fall outfit. The yarn is soft to the touch as well.

Side note…the YarnBee line carried at Hobby Lobby currently is to die for! They have such a fantastic collection and I HIGHLY recommend you checking them out. Seriously, if you’re not grabbing your keys and heading there now then something is wrong…just kidding!

But really though…the yarn is fantastic.


So I knew I wanted something chunky to match the chunkiness of my yarn. I also knew I wanted to crochet rather than knit this piece.

Upon YouTube browsing I came across the crochet knit stitch. Others have called it the camel stitch but I think crochet knit stitch is more self explanatory.


You will need to CH as many as you want your piece to be lengthwise + 2.

For this cowl I CH 60+2

R1HDC in 4th CH from the hook and continue all the way across. CH 2, turn.




R2HDC in the front loop all the way across. CH 2, turn.







R3HDC in the back loop all the way across. CH 2, turn.









From here the remaining chains are a repeat of rows 2 & 3. So you can make your piece as wide as you’d like. For this cowl I continued until my work was 7″ high. You could easily go higher and make your cowl even more dramatic. The creativity is endless and you should make your piece something you will love!




If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I will do my best to answer and help you in any way that I can.

If you make a piece using this pattern, share it down below! I’d love to see the creativity of others and I know there are folks out there who would enjoy it too!




Now you can style your handmade cowl with whatever you desire. Wear it with pride knowing you made it yourself!

Happy Fall!


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