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Who doesn’t love a classic chevron pattern? I think this design looks amazing and the creativity is endless with color combos and placement of certain colors throughout the design.

This blanket is relatively easy too.

If you’re new to crochet and you can count then you can most certainly make one of these beauties for yourself!

What I Used:

  • H needle
  • 2 skeins of yarn
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors


start by chaining 151 stitches

ROW 1SC in 2nd CH from the Hook then SC 11 ST, SC 3 in next ST, SC 11, skip 2 ST ** repeat. until the last 2 ST. SK ST, SC 1 in last ST. CH 1 Turn

The remaining rows are the same as Row 1. You can make your blanket as tall as you would like. I try to go based off of my color pattern I’m using. For this one I did 3 lavender and 4 white. Each chevron is 10 rows. You can make them more or less it’s really up to you!


Row 1 is what is going to give you the “v” design to your blanket. At first when you’re working in those few beginning rows you have to fight the yarn from twisting around.

Be sure to keep the chain straight as your working your stitches otherwise you’ll be frogging your blanket!

Here’s an idea of what the beginning is going to look like…



Once you get moving you’ll reach a point where you’ll want to add in another color.

I like to attach my new color before I do my CH 1 step. I make my loop a little bigger, tie my new color into the loop. Then I cut my old color to make a “tail” and then pull both strings all the way through on my CH 1. the old color will come all the way through knotting off and I have a smooth transition to a new color.

Here’s a photo to help you understand what I mean.








Pretty soon you’ll be cruising right along and getting just as giddy as I do when I see those lovely little peaks beginning to form!










Now that you’ve got it all done you realize there are a TON of tails! No fear we are going to sew those in and “brace” them with our nice little SL ST border!




There are always a TON of options for borders. I have done a crab stitch in the past on chevron blankets but this time I went with a double (twice around) SL ST. I felt like it flattered this color pattern and was soft looking as well!








That is it!

SEE! I told you this was an easy one 🙂

If you do have a question about something or you make a chevron blanket of your own please share it here in the comments.

It’s always fun to see the ideas of other makers and get inspiration from one another!





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