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DIY Rustic Farmhouse Island for $100

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A perfect solution for your outdated laminate counters!


I really love the natural look that rustic farmhouse decor/style brings into a home. We have lots of kiddos running through our house everyday. That being said, the rustic look offers a cozy feel without the need for everything to appear or feel “perfect” when it comes to decor.

With 6 (almost 7) kids our house is VERY “lived in”.

When we moved in to this mobile home 3 years ago I always knew there was something I wanted to do with the island. We actually have a large kitchen, however the island wasn’t designed to be able to pull barstools up to it.

It was basically a catch-all space and I knew that needed to change.

Aside from needing the island to be more practical…it was just UGLY! I mean hello?! The 90s called and they want their counter back! Seriously I hated the look. I did however deal with it for almost 2.5 years so don’t think I ripped it out instantly.


Updated that ugly laminate countertop with this easy tutorial!


Updated that ugly laminate countertop with this easy tutorial!


The wait was totally worth it though!

After a long time of researching I finally figured out what exactly I wanted. Browsing Pinterest everyday helped with the inspiration!

This new island countertop cost in total $100. Not too bad considering the amount of people that can sit at it. I designed it so that 8 people could sit around it. We will be getting wooden barstool soon and the style we like offers this seating amount. If you decided to get wider, upholstered stools then you would decrease the amount of seats.

However with a straight style you can get 8 with 2 on each side and 4 going down one of the long sides.


When it comes to entertaining it is the perfect size! I could easily arrange a buffet style all the way around and still have plenty of room.

I am very pleased with how it turned out!

Here is what I used:

What I Did:

After removing the old countertop…I didn’t pictures of this because, honestly, I completely forgot! I was so excited to be starting this project that it completely slipped my mind to take photos…We thoroughly cleaned the outside and inside parts of the island.

I than placed the plywood and measured to make sure it was squared off and exactly where I wanted it. I then proceeded to screw the plywood to the top of the island base. The plywood measured 37W”x 96H”. Once that was secure and in place I laid out my top boards.


$100 DIY Rustic Farmhouse Countertop


Now for whatever reason the fellow at HD didn’t cut these the right length so I had to do some trimming before I secures them to the top.

Once everything was trimmed I lined them up again and then proceeded to screw them on. I wanted to make sure the screws were all in line with one another. When I screwed them in I just went down the line making sure they all matched up.

I then used the 1×2 boards and created an outer frame to cover the meeting of the 2x10s and plywood.

Once all the boards were in place I started with the stain. I used the ebony stain and I was very light when applying. I knew I didn’t want to go completely black so I started with a little.

I’ve done stains in the past and I prefer using an old sock when applying. I just tend to like the way the stain goes on when using the sock versus other types of material. But if you don’t have a sock to spare then use whatever you want!


$100 DIY Rustic Farmhouse Countertop


After waiting for the stain to dry (overnight) I then sealed the countertop a total of 3 times.You could always do more if you wanted but I felt this was enough for my counter.

72hrs of total cure time the island was ready to use!


$100 DIY Rustic Farmhouse Countertop


Some things I did extra to the island base was “framing” the edges and base of the island. We also wound up adding corbels for extra support up under the hangover. Keep in mind this is a mobile home island cabinet so they use the lowest of lows when it comes to cabinetry. The corbels were just newly attached hence their rawness.

I also found some cup and modern lined hardware on Amazon. These are the same ones you would find at HD or Lowes but for WAY LESS!


$100 DIY Rustic Farmhouse Countertop


I paid $15 for 20 handles. It’s almost $10 for just one handle at the big box stores! These are sturdy too and I have been extremely pleased with them.

I will be posting a final kitchen reveal soon to show you all the different things I have done. I have been very frugal and cost effective with this project. I used a lot of the some supplies in different areas so I wasn’t buying a bunch of different things and having tons of product leftover.

My floors look awful in the photos and that’s because I haven’t quite figured out what exactly I’m going to do. This is my last step and then I will be totally finished!

If you have any question about anything please leave a comment down below! I will do my very best to answer any of your questions.

Enjoy the pictures!


$100 DIY Rustic Farmhouse Countertop


$100 DIY Rustic Farmhouse Countertop

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