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I absolutely love the rustic, farmhouse style of decor. There is something very natural and classic about this decorating style.

When I was thinking about these placemats I was trying to think of something that would be durable, long-lasting and give lots of textural delight.

I feel like this pattern does just that!

If you’re new to crochet or maybe you don’t crochet but you’ve wanted to start. This pattern will be perfect for you!

All you need to know how to do is a chain and the single crochet stitch. It’s REALLY that simple!

If you’re wanting to duplicate this exact placemat, here is the yarn I used.




The textures in this particular wool are just gorgeous!

I have used a lot of white, black and teal blue color tones throughout my kitchen. When I built our island countertop I used an extremely light coat of ebony stain. I love how well this contrasts against this pebble like pattern.



here is the PATTERN

Hook – N (9.00mm)

CH – 40

R1 – SC in 3rd CH from the hook; continue with SC all the way across; CH 1; turn.

R2 – SC in same CH 1 ST; SC all the way across; CH 1; turn.

R3-30 – Repeat R2

Tie in your ends and voila you’re done!

If you make some of these placemats for yourself please share them here! I’d love to see the different yarns you lovely makers decide to use.

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