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It’s time for another tutorial!

Today I’m showing you how I took 2 wooden thrift store plaques and transformed them into trendy hand lettered art.

I always try and grab up wooden frames and plaques for dirt cheap when I’m thrifting.

They are usually only a few dollars and being wooden they have much longer life spans!

Here is one of the plaques before I finished…

I know you might be thinking, “There’s nothing wrong with this why did you go and mess it up?!??”

My sweet hubby asked the same question!

I replied with, “Because it doesn’t match the rest of the kitchen!”


So I gathered my supplies

-black acrylic paint

-paint brushes

-gold paint pen from Walmart with the chisel tip

All you do is paint he entire plaque black.

It took me about 2 coats with a couple of “touch up” spots.

Then I browsed Pinterest for some handlettering inspiration.

I have found you really have to play around with the painters pens. They can be a bit tricky at first if you’re not used to them.

This was my first shot of it before I filled in some of the lighter areas on the letters.

I also lightly wrote out with pencil the design and then I went back over it with the painters pen.

I made another one too but my husband informed me I spelled something wrong so that one will need to fixed.

It’s still hanging on the wall though!

Those two batting lines are eventually coming off the wall. They are one of the “perks” of living in a mobile home! 😜

So I hope you found this tutorial easy enough to maybe complete on your own!

Or maybe it will inspire you to create something all your own!

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