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I always laugh at myself when I finally tackle a project I’ve put off because of being intimidated!

Can you believe THIS project was one of them! 🙄


I had some leftover fabric from some small curtains I had made. I also had these not-so-cute floral throw pillows which came with some free craigslist couches we picked up a while back.

I knew I wasn’t going to buy new throw pillows because “Oh My!” they are ridiculously expensive!

I knew I wanted something durable and could be washed easily to go on them.

So off I went to find a solution.

Enter Pinterest

Based on all the tutorials I watched, read etc. I came up with something which worked out perfectly and can be something even the most unskilled amateur sewer can attempt.

1. I first measured my pillow. It was approximately 18in X 18in.

I knew I wanted at least a 1/2in seam allowance so I want ahead and traced out a 19in X 19in pattern on 6 pieces of card stock taped together.

2. For the 2 back flaps. I cut one 11in X 19in the other I cut 12in X 19in.

I didn’t need to “hem” these flap edges because they were already hemmed from when I’d made the original curtains. You’d need to figure in 1/4in hem here. Nothing too fancy just something to make the edges strong and clean looking.

3. Once everything is cut out lay all three pieces (right sides together) and begin pinning.

4. Once pinned go ahead and begin sewing! I’d recommend backstitching at the corners as well as when you hit the hems of flaps.

5. Once it’s all seen together you will take your scissors and clip the corner “triangles” off. You do this so your cover doesn’t look wonky when you go to insert the pillow form.

6. Flip fabric right side out. Insert pillow and enjoy!


You could easily add piping or other embellishments to really do it up!

This is one of the nicer fabrics from Walmart and I’m very pleased with the durability!

You could easily get pillow forms from thrift stores for WAY less money instead of a brand new one.

Now if you’re giving it as a gift id recommend maybe a brand new pillow form unless the person you’re giving it to is all about frugality as well! 😜

Hope this helps any of you DIY decorators our there!

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