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Today’s post is short but I wanted to share another quick DIY that you could easily do in an hour or less.

If you’ve been on Pinterest at all you have seen the coming and going of the pompom craze. Well right now, for me, they are the cutest things and I am always looking for some project I can stick them on!

I wanted to add more bright colors to my fireplace mantle and I thought this simple garland would be perfect.

I recently got this pompom maker and I am loving it.

Before I had created my own template from some cardboard. However this proved to be inconsistent with the poms and so I knew that I wanted something that was going to be a bit more uniform.


I made up 12 poms in about 30 minutes. I used almost 1 whole skein of yarn. I really wanted to make sure they were nice and fluffy. I’m sure that I could have wrapped the pom makers a little more. I might do that in future projects.


So as you can see these things are super simple even a kiddo could make some!

I think too you could make a Christmas colored pompom garland and wrap it around your tree. Honestly this is something I most likely will do this year for our tree. They are really, really cute!






I hope you enjoy this short and sweet little DIY!

If you make a garland of your own I would love for you to share it here! It’s always fun to see the things all you makers create!



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