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“For such a time as this, isn’t it much too great a risk? I’ve never flown from the edge of a cliff, never walked on the water. 
But if I turn away, how will I know what I have missed? Have I waited all of my life for such a time as this?

Sometimes the thrill of soaring has to begin with the fear of falling…”

 Growing up these words were played a lot as I would sit in my room listening to music. 

It was one of my favorites but it’s only been recently that the words have taken on a whole new meaning for me. 

“For such a time as this…”

Most of us have, at some point in our lives, encountered this phrase. 

It gets thrown around quite a bit. 

A few days ago I was listening to a sermon by Steve Lawson. It’s one I’ve heard before but it piqued my interest again when I came across it because it was talking about the life of Jonathan Edwards. 

Jonathan Edwards was a Puritan preacher. He was a man who governed every facet of his life by how it would bring honor and glory to God. He was a man who made significant impact on both myself and my husband over the last year. He was the man we wanted to name our son after and did. 

Our little Jonathan had an intense entrance into this world. 

Both he and I stared death in the face. God was merciful and gracious by sparing our lives,  and He has been preparing our family for such a time as this. 

God is an amazing God so full of wonder. He often times will do things so far outside of our realm of understanding, and I believe one reason He does it is so we can learn to trust Him. 

Trust is something very difficult for us humans. It goes against our very nature to be trusting and trustworthy. 

Because of this, we often fight long and hard to keep our walls up so we can appear as though we need no assistance. 

Often times someone will say, 

“I just picked myself up by my bootstraps and moved on!” 

Or some other cliche phrase which emphasizes the point that we did it all by ourselves

Here’s the thing. It’s impossible that we’ve ever done anything on our own.

We are all 100% incapable of it!

Don’t believe me? Try getting up tomorrow morning and taking a deep breath without God putting the air in your lungs to do so. You won’t get very far. 

When a life threatening trauma happens, you are quickly brought to the reality of just how fragile life really is. 

Looking back over this last week I found myself realizing more and more how much I need Him. 

Something Edwards understood was his need for God. He lived his life with the mindset, “God, stamp eternity on my eyeballs.”

Do you live your life with eternity in mind? 

I know I’m not much of the time. 

Especially as a mom, I often allow the loudness of life to drown out the reality of eternity. 

If I lived with an eternal perspective all the time how would it affect my parenting?

– Would I get less aggravated at kids?

– Would I seek their hearts out more often?

– Would I stop and just enjoy them more?

Or, what about my marriage?

– Would I squeeze him stronger during that goodbye hug?

– Would I learn to laugh at his little quirky things he does which I sometimes allow to annoy me? 

How would eternity on my eyeballs affect my life and who I am as a person?

– Would I pray more for my children, friends, family or the lost?

– Would I give more of myself even when I don’t want to because I know I can be an encouragement?

God has given me “a time such as this” specifically in my season of life. I’ll never get this moment back. I’ll never be where I am right now in life at any other point in my journey home. 

He made Esther Queen in her appointed time, David King in his, Samuel the Prophet, and so many others. 

What appointed time has He given you?

Are you living with eternity in mind? 

Search Him and seek to know what He has for you right now in your life. Allow the noise of motherhood and life to lower. Be silent and listen. 

For such a time as this…


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2 thoughts on “For such a time as this…”

  1. Wow. I rarely ever come across words that I have spoken myself like how God is the one who puts air in our lungs. I love this. And keeping this in mind is so important.
    People who don’t know Christ often think they are the ones who can “help themselves” through various positive language and reinforcement. But God gets all the glory for he allows the rain to fall on the wicked and the righteous.

    Praying for you on this journey with your sixth child.

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