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So living in our mobile home there many little projects here and there to keep us VERY busy!

One of my projects on the list was a slight makeover to our fireplace.

I loved the wooden mantle however I didn’t care for the cherrywood color!

We had repainted the entire living room a sort of heather gray and I’m loving black furniture right now!

There’s just something so clean and uniform about it 🙂

I had purchased some of the Onyx black grab n go paint from Walmart. Our Walmart sells it for about $24.

I was using it for multiple projects so a little bit for the fireplace was pennies on the dollar!

I also have heard about and read many tutorials regarding high quality contact paper.

I thought the black with a marble would look great!

I found a highly reviewed one on Amazon. It was a little more pricey but based on reviews everyone made me feel like it would be worth it.

My main objective was to spruce up the existing mantle and then do something with the horrid 90s tile job!

The marble pattern is very  forgiving! You have to make some weird cuts depending on what areas of the tile you’re trying to cover.

This process is pretty painless!

It took me less than 30minutes to get everything cut out and attached.

I then applied two quick coats of the black paint to the wooden mantle and put up some family photos. I also added two wooden sconces I snagged from a goodwill and spray painted black. I’m hoping to add a boxwood wreath and maybe 2 green topiaries for the tops of the sconces.

Overall I’m very pleased with how it turned out!

I’m still pinteresting to figure out exactly how I want to style it. I just loved how much it changed the look of our living room!

When my midwife came for my home visit she was convinced it was real marble. But obviously with a closer look and a quick touch you can tell it’s not.

I’m not ashamed though 😉

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