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Happy 1 Year Blog Birthday!!!

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1 Year Birthday Giveaway!!!


I can hardly believe a year has flown by! My first official blogging year was filled with lots and lots of things. Some good, some bad, but most of all I discovered my blogging “voice” and I am thrilled beyond belief!

When I originally started this blog I felt like I wanted to be a mom blog. Having 6 kids I thought that would be a perfect niche for me.

In January of this year our 6th child was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. It was an event that flipped out world upside down! So I went from a mom blog to documenting my journey, struggles and all of the things which go in to a huge life change like this.

Once we got through those first three months I felt myself able to jump back in to blogging. We had figured out a routine as a family and we were doing great!

In March I posted a crochet post of a Chunky Blanket I had made for little Jonathan. The pictures were table, light was bad but for whatever reason that post “exploded” on Pinterest.

In May Jonathan had his first surgery and again that put a hold on everything.

However I was still watching what was happening with folks coming to my site.  Jump forward to August and we went through a second surgery. I posted a few times over the summer mainly talking about mom stuff.

Then in the beginning of October I was talking with my husband as we were reviewing my site stats. I told him how crazy it was the crochet post that really drew people in. He then suggested I change course and become a craft blog.

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely LOVE to make things.

In fact, I try to give all the expecting mommies at our church a handmade blanket every time they have a baby. It’s just something I LOVE to do!

It was in October that I made a switch over to being a crochet, knit and sewing blog with a few DIY projects mixed in!

I still plan on posting updates periodically of how Jonathan is doing as well as the rest of our crew! I do have some really exciting things planned for the New 2017 Year and I hope that I can continue to bring you great, fun and easy posts that will encourage you to go more “handmade” in the new year.

As women I believe we find much more joy in filling our homes with the things we make and love. We already do it with people right?

I know many think to themselves, “But I am not crafty!” or ” I have to left hands I could never do that!” my response is…”YES! you can! You just have to be willing to try!”

I’ll tell you about the loveseat I destroyed thinking I could turn it into a chaise lounge…this was before Pinterest came along! YIKES!

I wanted to do something to let you all know how much I appreciate everyone who stops by here.

So for my first blog birthday I am hosting an incredible giveaway on Instagram. It is super easy to enter and I think you’ll love the prizes!


  • a brand new copy of “the Magnolia story” by Chip and Joanna Gaines
  • one of my handmade ear warmers in ANY color you choose
  • a $15 gift card to the amazing Etsy website!!!


Thank you again for coming, reading, commenting and more! It means so much to me and I can hardly wait to share with you all the things coming in the future!!!

#getexcited 🙂

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