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I’m back! Updates on Jonathan and what’s new for MWM

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Let me start off by saying I have greatly missed writing here. I never realized the processing outlet it was for me and also the motivation it was for being positive when life didn’t feel very positive.


So it’s been a few months since I’ve written. For those who have followed  Jonathan’s story, I will give an update.





In August he had his second reconstructive surgery. It was a longer surgery but the outcome has been amazing! I cannot thank the cleft palate team of Children’s  Mercy as well as our surgeon and her team of people enough.

Recovery was so much better after this surgery. I was bracing myself for the worst possible scenario but by day 4 he was back to his normal self.

As you can see from the photos his scar looks amazing and unless you’re up close you really can’t tell he was born with a cleft lip.




We  now get to enjoy the holidays with no more surgeries scheduled until after his first birthday. He will have his palate reconstruction sometime in early 2017.

Right now we are working hard to get him ready for that big surgery.

We are doing things like teaching him to drink solely from a 360 cup. He won’t be allowed to suck on anything because of possible damage to the palate sutures.

Overall he is doing amazing and I’m so grateful this is the reality for our family. 2016 has been a tough year but we have learned and grown so much.


As for the blog…


Even though I haven’t been active in writing I have paid close attention to what folks are reading and interested in when they’d visit my site.

That being said it has come to my attention that my true blogging niche is crafts!

Honestly, I’m TOTALLY okay with this.

I love working with my hands and making things for my family and friends to enjoy. So having my blog as an outlet to share those things with people all over the world is pretty awesome!


Apart from loving crafts I still am a mom to six amazing kids.



This  being said, there will be the occasional mom post and of course I will give updates on Jonathan. Jonathan being born was a big motivator for me and I know there are many who have followed his story.




I hope that that you will come back often for ideas, inspiration and the occasional laugh for when I royaly  goof up as a mom!

You can follow my candid moments on Instagram too!

I’m glad to be back and I hope to finish out my first year of blogging on a fantastic note!


Thank you for your patience and for sticking around with me.

Heres to many more posts to come!

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