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feb 6th post

It’s hard to believe this little man is already 2 weeks old!

God has been amazing in how He has built a tenacity within little Jonathan which has allowed him to thrive exponentially.

He’s really grabbed on to eating with his bottle, adjusting to the noises of a house filled with lots of kids and also, being a part of our wild and crazy family 🙂

When he first came home it was a difficult transition.

We had to do some trial and error those first couple of nights. We thought he was just going to be one of those babies who cry a lot.

After about 3 days and 3 sleepless nights we made some adjustments and it has seem to help tremendously. It’s like he’s a new baby in many ways.

One of the things we decided to invest in was a Moby Wrap. He loves to be held, but for me being a busy momma I really needed the use of both of my hands. Running back and forth from his crib to wherever else I was in the house was proving to be rather difficult.

Moby Wraps can be a bit on the expensive side, but after about 4 days of using it I feel like we’ve already made back our money! They are totally worth it in both mine and my husband’s opinions.

Jonathan does a lot better with me having him in the kangaroo hold and being able to rest on mommy as long as he wants to. It’s worth it not to have an upset and crying baby 24/7, so I highly recommend it!

I also did some research regarding other supplemental formulas for him. I’m still not producing enough breast milk to meet his eating demand, so I knew he would be on the formula for a while.

In my research I discovered a fantastic article by the Food Babe. She had such a detailed and comprehensive look at all of the formulas on the market, both conventional and organic brands. I was able to talk with my husband and we made a decision on what we would use for him from here on out.

I highly recommend doing your due diligence when it comes to a formula selection if you’re not able to nurse your baby.

The hospital sent him home on enfamil and by night #2 he would not stop crying and hadn’t pooed in almost 48 hours. I knew something was bothering his tummy. Once we pulled him off the formula and over to an organic formula he hasn’t shown signs of an upset stomach and he’s back to his normal number of BMs per day.

**I’ll be doing a formula review soon so be sure to check back for more details!

Since working out a few of those “kinks” we’ve really been able to bond as a family. It was hard those first few days because of how cranky and upset he was all the time. Sometimes it takes a few of those crying nights to get a good understanding of a new baby and what they need. So don’t be discouraged if your baby is one who cries a lot.

Be sure to take lots if deep breaths and PRAY!

It’s okay to cry too 🙂

Overall we are so incredibly grateful for how well he is doing. Monday he sees his new Pedi for a post NICU followup appointment.

From there we will be referred to the cleft lip/pallet surgical center here in town.

I’m kind of excited to speak with the surgeons. I went to the ever faithful YouTube and found some surgeons videos they posted for cleft lip and pallet surgeries.

My husband couldn’t believe I’d watched them, but I told him, “I want to know exactly what they’ll be doing to him!”

I was blown away by how quickly they repaired the lip. It was less than 20 minutes surgery time. So with prep and post op I’m sure he’ll be done in less than an hour.

If you like to watch those kinds of things you can do a ‘Cleft Lip Surgery’ search on YouTube and there are a ton of videos! BEWARE it’s not for someone with a weak stomach.

Overall, these last 2 weeks have been really good.

We look forward to each Saturday, an opportunity to celebrate another week of his little life! I’m grateful to have a place to encourage and also process all of this too.

Don’t lose heart if you’re going through difficult times and trials right now. Hold fast to the Lord and know He has you right in the palm of His hands.





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