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Make a Blanket Ladder from an Old Baby Crib in just 30 minutes!

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DIY Blanket Ladder from an Old Crib Ladder


We have gone through our fair share of cribs over the last 10 years!

We always try to get good ones from second hand stores and we have been successful thus far. I can’t say we have ever bought a brand new crib.

For this project we had a crib that had a broken side. As it sat and sat for who knows how long I kept telling myself, “There just has to be something I can do with this.”

I looked around on pinterest and I didn’t discover anything I wanted or needed. There were a few tutorials for things like pot racks etc. But in my mind it looked to much like a crib rail. I didn’t want that either.

So finally one day I was looking at different blanket ladder styles.

I saw one that had thinner wood and that’s when my lightbulb went off!

“I can make a blanket ladder out of one of the sides!!!!”

It was so easy and simple the entire project took less than 30 minutes. I mean can you get any better than that?

The cost of the project was entirely FREE too!

I loved the way it turned out and I really like how our living room blankets are now organized in a fashionable way!


DIY Blanket Ladder from an Old Baby Crib





DIY Blanket Ladder from an Old Baby Crib



First I took the ladder and a saw and proceeded to figure out which slats I wanted to remove. I started by taking the first three off. Then I skipped one, removed the next three. Skipped one and removed the next three. Skipped another and took off four from the bottom.


DIY Blanket Ladder from an Old Baby Crib


Once everything was cut I took it outside and sanded it down really good. This helped to remove some of the varnish and gave it a really worn look.

I think you’ll agree this is perfect for meeting those blanket ladder needs 🙂


DIY Blanket Ladder from an Old Crib


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