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Turn An Old Kitchen Table into a Chic Farmhouse Table

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I have been redoing my kitchen over the last several weeks. One of the projects on my list was to build a new table. I knew I wanted a farmhouse style and so off I went to browse pinterest to find the exact table for me.

I landed on a table that the marvelous Ana White designed.

I made my cut list and off to the Depot I went. Little to my surprise the estimated cost given by the folks online was about 1/4th the cost for me…ugh! What a bummer!

So it was back to the drawing board…

I spent several days pondering what I was gonna do. Then I realized I just needed to give a new life to the table I already had. The bones of it were in great condition I just needed to revamp it to help fit my style. This approach fits my husband’s way of thinking 🙂

Here are the materials I used:

The entire process was about 3 days. We have been having picnic dinners around the coffee table while I have finished it. Overall I am thrilled with the results and I can’t want to make a centerpiece for the table as well as getting chairs for it.

Have fun looking through the photos and leave a comment down below if you have any questions!






This was right as I began sanding the top of the table. I wanted to make sure I got every little remnant of food particles completely off before I applied the primer.










After one coat of gripper primer.




After 2 coats of the GnG Satin Onyx Paint.









Sealed with one coat of the 3X Rustoleum Matte.


I still need to get chairs. My plan is to gather 8 solid wood chairs and refinish them to all match color wise. So far I have 2. When I do the final kitchen reveal you will be able t0 see the completed look!

Hope this inspires you to revamp what you already have and save those $$ wherever you can!

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