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Sew Easy Flannel Maxi Skirt for Girls

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Sew and Easy Flannel Maxi Skirt for Your Little Girl Today!


For whatever reason I have fallen in LOVE with flannel this year. I requested a plaid flannel shirt a few months ago when I was doing StitchFix and then I made some Flannel Cafe Curtains for my kitchen window.

I want to eventually make my husband a scarf in the traditional black and red flannel too. I know, I know…I’m obsessed! LOL


Sew and Easy Flannel Maxi Skirt for Your Little Girl Today!


I was at Hobby Lobby getting supplies for projects and I spotted this gorgeous and inexpensive houndstooth flannel. I sued my coupon and got 2 yards. I had just enough leftover to make matching bows and bowties for the other kiddos which I will be sharing with you soon!

I wanted something warm with a sort of “rugged” look. This fabric is so easy to dress up and down. I found a shimmery red sweater at Walmart and my oldest daughter wore this to a friends wedding.

It could easily be worn with a jean jacket, messy bun and chunky sweater! It’s one of those staple pieces that is great for a child’s Fall/Winter wardrobe!


Sew and Easy Flannel Maxi Skirt for Your Little Girl Today!


So you’re gonna be a little mad at me…here’s why…I didn’t take ANY in-the-process photos of this project! I know it’s awful! However, I am gonna do my absolute best to try and explain this and then if you have any questions I will gladly answer them in the comments down below!


  • flannel material (1yrd)
  • Black Thread
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron
  • 1/2″ elastic

I started by measuring my daughter’s waist. Then I measured from just below her belly button down to the floor. For the length I added 2″ for hemming.

I then cut 2 panels out. A front and back panel both measuring appr. 22″ width X 27″ length. I wasn’t interested in gathering this fabric but I wanted a fuller looking skirt. I decided to encase elastic so I could easily make this a size where my 9 and 7 year olds could share the skirt if they wanted to.

I felt like if I were to do a zipper I wouldn’t have been able to play around with the waist sizing as much so they would both be able to wear it.

I also didn’t want an exposed elastic like I did previously in the Easy Peasy Circle Skirt because I wanted it to be able to be more dressed up when necessary. Like in the case of the wedding she wore it to. I’m sure there might be easier ways to go about creating the waist but this is the method I chose and I was pleased with how it turned out!


Sew and Easy Flannel Maxi Skirt for Your Little Girl Today!


I started by sewing together one of the side. Then I laid the piece open and hemmed the bottom so I could do it in one straight piece.

After that I put right sides together and sewed the other side together. Using a tight zigzag stitch I protected the edges and reinforced the initial seam. Once that was done I decided how big my elastic casing needed to be. I ironed and then sewed around leaving about a 1″ gap soas to be able to “feed” the elastic through.

Once I had the encasing done I took my elastic cut 1/2″ shorter than her waist measurement and with a safety pin, fed it through making sure not to let the loose end get pulled inside.

I then sewed the elastic sides together, trimmed and then sewed closed the opening in the waist band.

I pulled at the waist band to evenly spread the fabric around and VOILA! I had an awesome flannel maxi skirt! It’s not too heavy and has the perfect amount of gathered fabric. I really like how it turned out and she loved it too!


Sew and Easy Flannel Maxi Skirt for Your Little Girl Today!


Sew and Easy Flannel Maxi Skirt for Your Little Girl Today!


If you have ANY questions please let me know! I’m going to work harder at making sure I take photos during the making process. Sometimes I just don’t even think about it because I’m so engrossed in a project, but I am going to make efforts to be more aware of it!



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  1. I was wondering if flannel would work well for a midi skirt for my grandchild, looks like it will! Thanks. Bernadette

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