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feb 7th 2016 post

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is we as parents are constantly in tune with our children.

I’ve encountered families throughout the years where I can tell the parents are missing the mark because they’re simply not paying attention.

This was the case for me when I was growing up.

Jonathan isn’t a high demand special needs child at this point. I know we will go through seasons where his needs will be greater than at other times, like his first week after being released from NICU.

We will hit hard times again when we go through his surgeries, recovery and the different speech therapies etc he’ll need to go through.

For now though, his needs aren’t too much and I am grateful for it.

Nevertheless, whether great or small he does need momma a little more than our other children did in the beginning.

I realized after a few days of being home our other children weren’t too excited about how much attention he was getting.

One night as I was up feeding, I started to ask myself, “What is something I can do which will let them all know how important they all are to me and I spent special moments of time with each of them when they were all babies.”

It occurred to me that each one of them had some short period of time where they demanded all of me because of a sickness they had.

The next day I called them in to my room while I was feeding the baby and I had them sit down on the floor in front of me.

I then proceeded to tell each of their stories. How when Afton was born I would hold her and cry while she had a 5 day stint in the NICU. She was my first baby and it was so scary!

When Noah was a month old we thought he had meningitis but it turned out to be pneumonia after being at the Children’s Hospital for a week.

Then there was Genesis who came down with a mysterious viral infection when she was 2 years old and I had to take her to the ER by myself in the middle of the night.

I emphasized how just like with Jonathan, I was right there with them when they really needed me when they were close to his age. I took care of them just like I’m taking care of him. I love them the same way I love him.

I could tell each of them felt extra special after they all received their stories. I was even asked cute little follow up questions. 🙂

It can be hard on mom when we have a child who needs extra care and attention. I know Jonathan’s situation is mild in comparison with others out there who have children who are hospital bound because of terminal illnesses. My heart aches for those who’s lives are those situations. Nevertheless, we have to make sure we are reaching the hearts of all the little ones we’ve been given.

Maybe you’ve not experienced anything like this in your parenting journey, but I would encourage you to keep it in mind because you never know what may be around the next corner of life.

I know we weren’t expecting anything ever to “rock our boat” but its naive to think at some point you won’t encounter some sort of a trial. This isn’t to say you should walk around worrying all the time, rather you should constantly be ready to endure anything which the Lord might hand you.


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