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Simple Knit Baby Blanket

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If you are just beginning with knitting this blanket is so easy to whip up in just a few hours! You can make it exactly the size you would like by casting on as many or as little stitches as you would like.




For this exact pattern here are the things that I used:

-Needles : size 15

-Yarn : 6 chunky yarn

For this blanket I cast on 122 stitches.

The pattern then proceeds as such.

Row 1 (right/front side) Knit Stitch all the way across.

Row 2 (wrong/back side) Purl Stitch all the way across.

Its that easy! You can easily know which stitch you are needing to do my simple looking at your already completed work.




Once you get going you can determine how long you want the blanket to be. This blanket pictured is perfect for snuggling a newborn and even getting them cozy in a car seat.








Here are the exact dimensions: 30″w X 24″h

Now if you decide you don’t have the time to make this or maybe you don’t know how to knit but you love the idea of handmade…then you’re fortunate to find I have an etsy shop where I sell these blankets to folks just like you!

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Also, if you are wanting to learn the art of knitting or crochet you can also check out my YouTube channel where I give easy, comprehensible tutorials so you too can make beautiful blankets just like this one!

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