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With Fall in full swing it’s time to whip out the pumpkins and shove those little cuties in every nook and cranny you can find!

Recently my kids went to a pumpkin patch with some friends.

They came home with a pumpkin each. All of a sudden I had these 4 super cute pumpkins on my counter and I knew I needed something to do with them.

I didn’t want to get too craft crazy or complicated. So I headed down to the local big box store and picked up a Sharpie Paint Marker. Here’s the one I used…

I then set off to add simple sayings and fallish doodles to the outside of the adorable gourds.

This is something that you can easily do with kids!

Here’s how they turned out…




I was also inspired to create this pumpkin canvas as another addition to my fireplace mantle.

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During Christmas time the Deer Head Canvas is always popular so I wanted a Fall version. Plus anything with black and white stripes I’m a sucker for!

I had a canvas on hand that had another saying on it. I was willing to part with it because I’ve had the canvas for over a year and I was ready for it to have a new look.

I started by covering the canvas with white.






Once the paint was dry I taped off where I wanted my stripes to be. I just used the width of the tape to make things easier. Then I “filled in” the spaces with black paint.





**be sure to peel up the tape stripes BEFORE the black paint totally dries. Otherwise it will mess up your lines.

You’ll most likely have to “tidy” the lines up a bit but if you have good brushes its not that hard to do. Be sure to do this part before you trace on the pumpkin.


While the paint was drying I printed off and cut out this pumpkin template.


Once everything was dry I traced onto the canvas the pumpkin outline. I then painted the inside of the pumpkin with a color which would compliment my glitter in the areas it would poke through.






Once dry, I modestly applied the glue which was going to hold the glitter. I started with a little and gradually built up. I didn’t want to go too crazy with the glitter.








I love the overall result and I think it adds a POP of life to the mantle. This whole project cost around $8 so it is very budget friendly. If you make one for yourself please share your project in the comments. I’d love to see what others create!



The mantle is almost done and I am LOVING the look so far!

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY tutorial. If you don’t want to miss another one in the future be sure to subscribe to this blog. You will be sure to find some project which will be perfect for you!


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