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Struggling through the Wait…


I tend to be a momma who never has her babies on time! 
This can be extremely frustrating…

This time however there’s a different element thrown in the mix. 

Our 6th child, a little boy, is going to arrive with something a little different. Something which will require some adjusting to. 

He has a clef lip (possibly a pallet too but we aren’t sure yet). 

I’m of the personality type when I know there is going to be something new I’m going to have to deal with I struggle when I can’t just “get it over with”. 

I’m currently 9 days overdue. This is nothing unusual for me I’ve gone as far as 2 full weeks over. I just tend to “cook” my babies a little longer. 

However because I know there are going to be some new aspects of mommyhood I will be enduring this time around I am struggling as I’m waiting for my body to bring him in to this world. 

Are you like this?

Do you struggle when God isn’t ready to give you what you feel like you’ve been preparing to endure? 

When His timing is different than yours and you are waiting waiting waiting but He’s just not ready?

This is where I am. 

Struggling while I wait. 

How do I praise God when all I feel like doing is crying because I can’t just get it over with?

Or how do I serve and glorify the Lord when I’m in the midst of chaos like 5 other kids needing to be fed, laundry needing to be done, dishes, more laundry, exercises to help encourage labor, a sick toddler and husband….

How am I to be the mom they all need me to be when all I want to do is lay in bed and cry?

The answer is simple.

I can’t. 

I can never be the mom they all need because it is humanly impossible. 

Maybe this is exactly where God wants me. 




One comes to understand what verses like “His grace is sufficient” really mean when facing moments like this. 

There is not one thing in this world which I could ever do a part from Christ. 
I can’t give birth to this baby. I can’t comfort my sick toddler or feed my family or tend to the needs of my home without Christ. 

I must run to the feet of our Savior and dwell there as Mary did. 

I can’t stand in the corner with my arms crossed, brow furled and wishing someone would get up and help me like Martha did. 


Sometimes waiting is exactly where God wants us. 

Because when we are content to wait is usually when He says, 

“NOW, you’re ready!”….


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