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Ultimate Etsy Gift Guide for Kid’s Gift $25 and Under!

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The Ultimate Etsy Gift Guide for Kids! All Gifts are $25 or less!!!


I have spent a lot of time searching through Etsy to find what I feel are some of the BEST children’s gifts for $25 and under!

These are items I have looked for and observed reading through reviews as well as photos to try and bring you a guide that will save you time and money. Without further ado…


Magnetic Car Playset by MsFreidasClassroom

Car Play Set Magnetic - Kid's Party Favors - Montessori Pretend Play - Quiet Toys - Kids Gifts - Stocking Stuffer Magnets - Secret Santa

If you are in to Montessori play for your kiddos then I think you will absolutely LOVE this set! The colors are vibrant and the detailing on the cars is perfect! They also make custom orders and their inventory is super adorable!

They have a 5 star rating and over 50 successful sales! For less than $25 you will make a win if you add this to your Christmas list!



Wooden Waldorf Helicopter by tangram77 

Kids Gift, Toddler Gift, Christmas Gift, Personalized Gift, Wooden Toys, 1st Birthday, Baby Boy Gift, Kids Toy, Baby Toy,Waldorf

I am a sucker for wooden toys! When it comes to durability I ALWAYS try and gravitate towards products like these. We have 6 kiddos and toys will not live very long if they are not durable!

I love the look of these little helicopters! I think both boys and girls alike would thoroughly enjoy pretend play with them. This little shop has a 5 star rating with over 150 successful sales. You will not be disappointed to make a purchase through them!



DIY Wooden CrossBow Kit by DecolorisShop

Okay will start off introducing this next item by saying….COOL!!!! I know my older kids would enjoy this gift but quite honestly…my husband and I would enjoy it too! Maybe even more! LOL

They have a 4.5 star rating with over 150 sales! I love the creativity and ingenuity behind this kit. For boys who love to tinker and build this would be the perfect gift! I even love how the shop gives warning not to shoot animals or people in their description. Sometimes fellas need a reminder right? 🙂



Mei Tai Doll Carrier by CreationSoFil

Do you have a little mama at home? My girls are 9, 7 and 4 and they each would love this gift! It is so cute and the fabrics this shop owner uses to create these carriers is absolutely adorable!

They too have a 5 star rating and over 100 sales! I think any little girl would love to have this to add into their pretend play. Just don’t let them put baby brother or sister in it!




Eco-Friendly Wooden Lacing Toy by PawooToys

Another great wooden toy option to keep those busy hands and mind working and thinking safely! I love and appreciate the creativity behind this toy design.

I know for toddlers they seem to enjoy something a little more challenging but completely doable when it comes to playtime. I think your toddler would truly love this product! With a 5 star rating and over 100 sales you will be glad you made this purchase!




Eco-Friendly Dino Crayons by earthgrowncrayons

Dinosaur CRAYONS ECO FRIENDLY Handmade Natural Soy Crayons Dinosaurs (Set of 6), Gift for Kids, Party Favor, Dinosaurs, Kids Gift

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs??? Who wouldn’t want to COLOR with some??? I think these little guys are totally adorable and one thing I love is how large they are! Just perfect for little hands needing to grasp them. An added bonus is they are eco-friendly! Plus the packaging is pretty hard to resist too.

These guys have maintained a 5  star rating with over 700 sales!!! Can you believe that?!? You will definitely be SO GLAD you snagged a box of these!



Roll-up Toy Car Storage Holder by SOhandmade1



Do you have a car lover in your house? My little guy loves shoving cars into his pockets as we are heading out the door. It’s not uncommon for me to find a few in my purse and at the bottom of the diaper bag as well!

I love the unique screen printing done by this shop and I believe the quality and attention to detail is spot on! This little storage roll-up is not too big and not too little it is literally the perfect size!!! A 5 star rating and almost 100 successful sales I think this will be a shop you come back to in the future.



Wooden Giraffe Puzzle by LadyEdithDESIGN

Christmas Kids gifts, Animal puzzle, Wooden Puzzle giraffe, Puzzle Toy, Kids gifts, Wooden giraffe, big giraffes family


Adorable right? And I bet when you saw this you even said “awww” to yourself! That’s because this shop has some of the cutest handmade puzzles you have ever seen. They even have elephants…need I say more?

These puzzle are thick and well crafted offering hours of play! For under $25 this puzzle is the perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas season. 5 star ratings and almost 100 sales you will be glad to have snagged this little cutie up!



Personalized Dino Tee by PricelessKids

Personalized Kids dinosaur long sleeve t shirt, dinosaur name t shirt, triceratops shirt, kids gift

Dinos are very in this season and who wouldn’t want a customized dinosaur shirt? This shop has several options to choose from and I love the dino graphics they use in their screenprinting. So cute!

This shop has managed a 5 star rating with over 5,500 sales…BRAVO PricelessKids!!! You can be sure these guys won’t disappoint!




Printable Woodland Toys by KooeePapercraft

Are you a last minute gift person like me? Sometimes it happens and what better way to inspire pretend play than with an adorable gift like these little woodland guys?

Available instantly after purchase, you can definitely offer a unique and handmade gift (by yourself!) to the little person in your life. Over 200 sales and a 5 star rating this shop should be on your last minute go-to list of Etsy sellers!



Non-Toxic Food Grade Playdough by DoughReMiShop


Okay can I just say this shop’s name is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! Their packaging is super cute too and I think for the price you get an incredible amount of SAFE playdough! How can lose on this one?

A 5 star rating and over 50 sales…I’ve already added this item to my Etsy cart!



Pretend Food Cupcake by shimrita


You want to take a bite don’t you! Well…you can’t! However you can enjoy those tea parties with your little princess while admiring the uniqueness and creativity of this shop!

With almost 2000 sales and a 5 star rating you will be overjoyed to add this in with that classic tea set you picked up last week! There are a range of color options too! I appreciate the art and creativity behind this shop’s items!




Personalized YoYo by AllAboutImpressions

Can you ever really go wrong a toy as classic as a yoyo? I don’t think so!

This personalized yoyo is the perfect solution to a sturdy, durable stocking stuffer this year! They have over 1200 sales as well as a 5 star rating. You will definitely be glad you made this purchase!



Personalized SuperHero Cape by littleshepsters


Calling all superheros!!! I know how much my kids love to pretend they can fly or any other number of superpowers…you child will LOVE being able to put this up and jump into their own creative world of imagination!

They have fulfilled over 1200 orders and maintained a 5 star rating every step of the way!




Crochet Donuts by WhimzyDesigns


Who doesn’t love donuts? Not this gal! I think donuts are ALWAYS the breakfast my kids ask for but being a good mama I DO have to say “No” sometimes. With these little cuties just think…you would NEVER have to say no!

All of the fun and pretend play you could have with these adorable little donuts is endless! Over 100 sales and a 5 star rating you will love tossing these cuties into the stocking this year!



Wooden Toy Bus with Peg Family by asummmerafternoon

Here is another shop offering impeccable waldorf toys. They are so unique in their designs and I love every single one of their listings!

A 5 star rating and over 800 successful sales you too will love grabbing up some of these amazing, classic wooden toys.



This concludes the end of my kid’s handmade gift guide! Be sure to also check out


the Etsy Editor’s Picks for Kids

On their list you will find items from $5 or less to up over $200! Think about the handmade shops this year. Support those who work hard to provide you with excellent quality as well as unique creativity in the products they make! Many shops are offering amazing discounts this holiday season and you will be SO GLAD to make a purchase with any of the shops I mentioned in today’s post.


I hope you have an awesome Christmas this year and you do your part to help support the handmade market and community of Etsy!


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